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Powered Suction Nasal Irrigator

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*A deep circular cleansing that works on the nasal passages decongests your nose within 10 seconds.

*Remove nasal discharge, dust and allergens, inflammations with the gentle, powerful flow.

*Drug-free, FDA approved.

*Automatic waste liquid separation design, clean and hygienic.

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Trusted by Allergy & Sinus patients.

90% NASCOOL customers report a significant relief in nasal congestion with powered suction nasal irrigation.

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Runny Nose

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RELIEF from your nasal issue


Helps recover from blocked nose, allergy and decreases inflammation.


Get rid of annoying nasal problems and get back to your life.


Repair your nasal mucosa function, improve your breathing.


Use it anytime, anywhere your want for your everyday relief.

Why Powered Suction?

When inflammation swells and blocks your sinus, Bacteria and virus can easily invade, leading to a serious sinus infection. Mostly causes all kind of nasal problem like: stuffy nose, hard to breath, swelling, runny nose, nasal congestion


Try to use saline solution to rinse it out of your nasal passages. The saltwater can also restore moisture and reduce inflammation. Overall, nasal irrigation can benefit people who have sinus problems or flu symptoms.


With Powered Suction, you are able to use it every day to reduce your symptoms, without causing ear infections or even worse trouble.

Safer and easier

With pressure release system, our irrigation system is able to keep the pressure under 7kPa, equivalent to the pressure when swimming, making it extremely safe. Meanwhile, the pressure of a regular nasal irrigator can be 10 times worse, thus damaging your nose with bleeding and infection.


Nascool Powered Suction Nasal Irrigator collects waste water automatically into the waste tank. It pulls saline into the sinuses, out from another nostril to perform a better cleaning.

No exclusive supplies

Included 50 packs of salt, no restriction. Any kind of salt, or pre-made saline solution will work perfectly fine.


We highly recommend getting your salt supply from your local pharmacy or market, it’s much cheaper and faster. Choose at your will!



50 salt packs

2 nozzles

Perfect for: 

☑️ Dry air/ air pollution

☑️ Rhinitis

☑️ Stuffy nose

☑️ Nose Itching

☑️ Runny nose

☑️ Allergies

Frequently asked questions:

Yes it’s totally safe and natural! Our irrigation system can protect your nose with low pressure and gentle water flow. No risk of bleeding nose.

We highly recommend to use sterile water for nasal irrigation, you can get from your local store at fairly cheap price. Boiled water will be an alternative choice. Water is very important for both the system and your nasal health.

We provide 50 packs of salt. We don’t sell salt packs currently due to shipment reasons. We recommend to buy your salt supply from your local pharmacy. regular salt, sea salt, saline solution will work.

Yes! For the United States it typically takes 2-5 days (and a little longer for Canada).

For the Rest of World it can take 10-15 days depending on location.

Your will get your tracking number both on our website and your paypal account within 2 business days.

Sure we do. We offer a 1 year warranty on our device. contact for detail:

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6 reviews for Powered Suction Nasal Irrigator

  1. NAVA

    The absolute best!

  2. Zach C

    I have chronic sinus issues and when I feel like I can’t blow anything out, this suctions it out for me. I highly recommend for people with sinus issues. I have no regrets.

  3. Dr.phil

    I suffer from constant nasal congestion. I bought this when I had a bad blockage. I must say it does the trick. It take a little bit of time to get it working and it feels a bit funny.

  4. Monty.p

    Honest review – it works as advertised, washes out your nose. I prefer this to the NeilMed squeeze bottle because it is sucking out instead of forcing in. Uses a vacuum to pull the water through one nostril and out the other. With the squeeze bottle, when I have been very congested, I have squeezed too hard and gotten water behind my ears causing pain and ear infection.

  5. Carley Summer

    One week in on the morning & night routine. Long time allergy sufferer on the cusp of sinus surgery. This was a last ditch effort. I’m in. It’s not 100% but it’s 100% better than a Nettie pot or squeeze bottle.

  6. Monty.p

    Well Made – May Take Getting Used To

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