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Peak Flow Meter

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*Assist in early detection of acute asthma attacks.

*Two parameters of PEF and FEV1 display.

*Form your Asthma diary with mobile APP.

*Pressure differential sensor applied ensures high accuracy.

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Peak flow test with trusted tool.

Improve your lung function with digital peak flow meter.

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FIX Your Lungs

What is a  Peak Flow Meter?


The Nascool Peak Flow Meter is a single patient use device used to measure how well air moves out of the lungs (peak expiratory flow rate) in liters/minutes.


Patients using a peak flow meter to monitor respiratory conditions such as asthma should be under the care of a physician.


Why you should use peak flow meter?


Readings from a peak flow meter can help you or your child recognize early changes that may be signs of worsening asthma. During an asthma attack, the smooth muscles that surround the airways tighten and cause the airways to narrow. The peak flow meter alerts you to the tightening of the airways often hours or even days before you have any asthma symptoms.


By using your PEF with your asthma action plan, you will know when to take your rescue (quick acting) asthma inhaler or other asthma medicine. By following the steps in your asthma action plan, you may be able to stop the narrowing of the airways quickly and avoid a severe asthma emergency.


The peak flow meter can also be used to help you:

  • Learn what triggers your asthma
  • Decide if your asthma action plan is working
  • Decide when to add or adjust asthma medications
  • Know when to seek emergency care

Perfect for: 


☑️ Stoke

☑️ Asthma

☑️ Congestive heart failure

☑️ Congestive heart failure

☑️ Parkinsons Disease

☑️ Multiple sclerosis

☑️ Myasthenia gravis

☑️ Vocal fold pathologies

☑️ Dysphagia

☑️ Hypertension

UNIQUELY designed with

High Acc

Auto display LED screen with high accuracy

Easy use

Test your lung function with a simple click and breath.

Form your Asthma diary in your mobile phone.


Test it anytime, anywhere.

Form your Asthma diary


You can find “Sonmol PEF” APP from your cell phone’s store about our free Asthma management APP, Sonmol PEF for your Asthma monitoring.


We recommend to use breathing exerciser for better performance.


Breathing training through different size of holes helps strengthen the cardiovascular muscles and improves your stamina.


Reduce the state of respiratory muscle weakness and improve ventilation efficiency. Improve lung function and blood oxygen. With built-in manometer, you are able to check your readings fast and easy.



1. Preparation: Press the Power button on. Stand or sit well and straight. Hold the peak flow meter. Take a deep breathing, filling your lungs with air completely.

2. Measurement: Put the mouthpiece into your mouth, form a tight seal with your lips. Make sure the tube is not covered by your tongue or teeth. Blow out as hard & fast as possible through the mouthpiece. In a few seconds, you will get the measurement result from the screen.

3. Asthma Diary: Record and write down the highest number among three of your tests on the dairy chart.

Frequently asked questions:

We recommend to use it 2-3 times a day to form your Asthma diary. Consider consult a physician before your training course due to your current condition.

Please clean with mild soap and water or sterilized with alcohol. Dry after cleaning.

Yes for sure. Panic attack and anxiety often comes with chest tight or breathing issue. Improve your lung capacity will decrease stress and anxiety symptoms.

Yes! For the United States it typically takes 2-5 days (and a little longer for Canada).

For the Rest of World it can take 10-15 days depending on location.

Your will get your tracking number both on our website and your paypal account within 2 business days.

Sure we do. We offer a 1 year warranty on our device. contact for detail:

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8 reviews for Peak Flow Meter

  1. Monty.p

    This one is nice and it really delivers accuracy.

  2. Zach C

    5 stars! Wow! What a great convenience.Great design, portable, easy to use.

  3. NAVA

    Easy to use with a clear display.

  4. Hanzo

    I didn’t think I’d like this peak flow meter…but it turned out to be an excellent product.

  5. Dr.phil

    Digital peak flow meter is easy to use The reading is quick and easy to read.

  6. Carley Summer

    Easy to use, myself and my 6 year old find it very comfortable to use and the display is clear. I have progressed from the manual peak flow meter to this one and I wouldn’t go back as I’m having to do an hourly chart and this is now invaluable.

  7. RD

    It’s readings are consistent and I get the info I need to use my inhaler, nebulizer or call Dr.
    So much better than constantly going into Urgent care or Dr to get checked

  8. Yal

    A home peak flow meter is a fantastic idea! I never would have bought one if the pandemic hadn’t made it risky for my doctor to test me at her office. Having the nascool PFM at home has allowed me to see just how much my asthma treatments help my lungs. This has motivated me to keep to my doctor’s care plan. The doctor also appreciated knowing my daily numbers over time. It helped her modify my treatment plan.

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