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Electrical Nasal Spray Irrigator

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*The fine mists help to improve the allergic symptoms of snotty or blocked nose, the itchy, red, watering eyes.

*Portable, lightweight

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Deal with your stuffy nose with a gentle way


Electrical Nasal Spray For Better Breathing

Spray height: ≥200mm

Spray size: 15 – 20μm

Cleanse your sinuses with high efficiency

Turn saline into ultra small particles, pass through the nostril into sinuses.

Makes it safe enough to clean up your nose with no harm.

Electrical Nasal Spray Irrigator

Best solution for your kids

  • Dust-free lid
  • Water-proof
  • Wireless charge
  • Up to 4 months battery life



7 reviews for Electrical Nasal Spray Irrigator

  1. Carley Summer

    Have used Simply saline for allergy control, keeps me well.

  2. DMC67

    Spray is great! Bought for my kid who has sinus issues. She has been using this for a while now and she has been feeling better. She said it’s really gentle and soft, not too much pressure. Spray Irrigator is awesome. I do recommend this device for people with sinus issues, kids specially.

  3. NAVA

    Great product. Works immediately and lasted through the night. I was completely blocked and couldn’t breathe at all through my nose.

  4. Rae

    Has really helped my sinuses to flush them out. Was thinking I was going to have to see an ENT doctor but won’t have to now since using this wonderful product! It’s a pleasure use spray to clean my nose. No pressure at all.

  5. Yal

    I bought this for my child who has bad allergies and his nose gets clogged up from time to time. First time it was uncomfortable but it did the job. But he get used to it really fast, and says it’s nice to get nose cleaned. Child-friendly, worth the purchase

  6. Kenny

    This is honestly one of the best investments I’ve made for my kid’s health. It really works. After the first use, my daughter said she can breath again! It’s really gross to see all the gunk in your nose cavity but such a relief after.

  7. Zach C

    Buy it now if you suffer any kind of daily allergies, or have a sinus infection!

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