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Respiratory Muscle Trainer

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*Training the inspiratory and expiratory muscles to increase the lungs capacity and ventilation ability

*Efficiently get 30% training performance improved comparing any devices only with single function breathing exerciser.

*Decrease the acute attack of COPD and Asthma by respiratory training with this device

*Witness your improvement with manometer

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Breath training with trusted tool.

Improve your lung function with built-in manometer

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Tight Breath

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Chest Pain

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FIX Your Lungs

Breathing trainerWhy we need it?


Human life relies on the process of breathing. With the uprising air pollution, breathing problem has become a major issue for all ages.


Breathing Exercise Device For Lungs can help strengthen the cardiovascular muscles and improve blood pressure, also decreases toxicity of the body, perform at your highest level as a sports player.

Perfect for: 


☑️ Stoke

☑️ Asthma

☑️ Congestive heart failure

☑️ Congestive heart failure

☑️ Parkinsons Disease

☑️ Multiple sclerosis

☑️ Myasthenia gravis

☑️ Vocal fold pathologies

☑️ Dysphagia

☑️ Hypertension

UNIQUELY designed with

5 levels

Both for inhalation and exhalation combined with additional test level.


Witness your improvement with pin-point accurate manometer.

Travel case

High quality travel case for outdoor situations.

For everyone

Easy to handle, everyone including kids can use the device easily.

Adjust with resistance level


Nascool Respiratory Muscle Trainer has 5 built-in resistance levels. Higher level means higher resistance. Use test level to check how much you improved in your training session.


Exhale training improves internal intercostal muscles and abs. Inhale training improves diaphragm and External intercostal muscles.


Breathing training through different size of holes helps strengthen the cardiovascular muscles and improves your stamina.


Reduce the state of respiratory muscle weakness and improve ventilation efficiency. Improve lung function and blood oxygen. With built-in manometer, you are able to check your readings fast and easy.



1. Unpack: Insert the nozzle.

2. Adjust your resistance: Rotate to set a proper resistance level. You can consult a physician if needed. We suggest to start with a low level.

3. Preparation: Sit upright and relax. Hold the breathing trainer, seal the mouthpiece well.

4. Inhale training: Inhale rapidly for 3 seconds, short break then exhale. Repeat 10-20 times, twice a day.

5. Exhale training: Exhale slowly, relax your chest and shoulder. Control your exhale 2 times longer than inhale.

6. Cleaning: Use detergent or water to clean up the device. DO NOT boil it or use aggressive liquids.


RMT device

Nose clip


Travel case

Frequently asked questions:

We recommend to use it 2-3 times a day, and 10 breathing sessions each time. Consider consult a physician before your training course due to your current condition.

Please clean with mild soap and water or sterilized with alcohol. Dry after cleaning.

Yes for sure. Panic attack and anxiety often comes with chest tight or breathing issue. Improve your lung capacity will decrease stress and anxiety symptoms.

Yes! For the United States it typically takes 2-5 days (and a little longer for Canada).

For the Rest of World it can take 10-15 days depending on location.

Your will get your tracking number both on our website and your paypal account within 2 business days.

Sure we do. We offer a 1 year warranty on our device. contact for detail:

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4 reviews for Respiratory Muscle Trainer

  1. NAVA

    I tested positive for COVID 19 the week before Thanksgiving. This is a very bad illness. Well, one of the symptoms shortness of breath.You can’t walk 10 feet without losing your breath. I’m not totally breathing normally but I can tell a difference. They said you should feel a definite improvement in 6 days. I will continue using this because I don’t know what else to do for my shortness of breath. So far so good!

  2. Carley Summer

    I am receiving therapy for Dysphasia (problem swallowing) – the therapist recommended Nascool to help improve the throat muscles. I do specific exercises every day. Since starting use of Nascool my throat muscles have improved a bit so far – I think it will do the job along with the other exercises. I have rated the product 5 star because it has helped toward meeting my goal.

  3. Dr.phil

    As a former smoker, I damaged my lungs. The Nascool helped me expand my lung capacity so I no longer get breathless taking walks with my husband and I am able to wakeboard again! I can feel the difference all over as I am now breathing correctly (not shallow breathing) so I am getting more oxygen to my vital organs and brain.Brilliantly intuitive device!!!

  4. Zach C

    Very good

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