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Baby Nasal Aspirator

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*Comfortable, anti-backflow, and hygienic.

*Producing under the medical device standard.

*Booger pickers in, the mother’s friend to help remove the boogers in a safe and efficient way

*Drug-free, FDA approved.

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Nascool Baby Nasal Aspirator

Relief nasal congestion FAST&EASY


Food Grade Silicone Safe For Your Baby

Simple design makes it easy to use

Pressure Release Protect Your Nose

Switch suction pressure from 35kPa to 60kPa with a simple click

Deep Cleaning With Negative Pressure

Cleanse your nose and sinuses with negative pressure and power suction


Special designed to prevent backflow


Provides 2 Sizes Of Nozzles

Easy To Wash

Take off the upper part, wash with water

Up To 6 Months Battery Life

10 reviews for Baby Nasal Aspirator

  1. Kenny

    This is an absolute game changer. My 2 year old girl always gets runny nose, but she loves to use it on herself and it is no longer a fight to get the snot out of a stuffy nose! Bravo! Well done, Nascool.

  2. Dr.phil

    Bought it. It works well.

  3. Zach C

    Good product

  4. Carley Summer

    I purchased after it was recommended in a mom group. I was skeptical but, this little gadget is awesome. It is quiet and gentle yet very effective.

  5. Kanoha

    Absolutely love this. My granddaughter hated having her nose cleaned… but with this she doesnt fight, it’s fast, the auction is perfect and easy to use. Love this!!! Would recommend to ALL mommies out there! And to make it even better so easy to clean!

  6. pinkpower

    As a mom of 6, my son loves this as he thinks we are playing with him. It’s pretty easy to use even my son can handle it. Well worth every single penny you spend 😉

  7. Fillian D

    We’ve used a few suction devices before so I wasn’t expecting anything great. First time I used this I was blown away. My two year old has been congested and man it took everything out with ease.

  8. DMC67

    I love this product I don’t think It’s as strong as the nose sucker (the one you use your mouth for) but it is pretty strong and has helped get the snot out. Also it’s easier and cleaner to use, absolutely 5/5

  9. NAVA

    Seems silly but kids will use it themselves

  10. Monty.p

    I was super skeptical but holy moly!! This worked like a charm. Make sure you close one side of the nose and suck from the other for the best result!! I also put a little saline in his nose before using the sucker and it helped too.

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