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Mucus Removal Device


*OPEP technology, a globally trusted physiotherapy

*Improve pulmonary function, lung oxygenation, clear mucus from bronchi.

*Combination of respiratory training and mucus removing all in one step.

*Keep the airways open.

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Mucus removal with trusted tool.

Breath clean within mucus removal device

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Mucus Problem

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Chest Pain

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Cleanse Your Lungs

What is OPEP therapy? Why is it good?


OPEP (Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure) therapy create vibrations when you breathe out. The vibrations move mucus from the surface of your airways. After blowing through the device several times, the person huff coughs to clear the mucus from the lungs and out of the body.

OPEP can have a positive impact in COPD and Asthma, also there is a similar effectiveness in acute respiratory infection.

It’s a drug-free solution for your mucus problem which is also beneficial for your respiratory muscle.

Perfect for: 


☑️ Stoke

☑️ Asthma

☑️ Congestive heart failure

☑️ Congestive heart failure

☑️ Parkinsons Disease

☑️ Multiple sclerosis

☑️ Myasthenia gravis

☑️ Vocal fold pathologies

☑️ Dysphagia

☑️ Hypertension

UNIQUELY designed with

3 levels

3 different size of steel balls for different resistance and efficiency.


Cute little bear as your indicator for breathing strength.

Travel case

High quality travel case for outdoor situations.

For everyone

Easy to handle, everyone including kids can use the device easily.

Adjust with resistance level


You can adjust resistance with 3 different steel balls. Breath with larger steel balls can generate stronger vibrations, therefore cleanse inside mucus with higher efficiency.


Breath training with resistance you want. Exhale training improves internal intercostal muscles and abs. Inhale training improves diaphragm and External intercostal muscles.


Breathing training helps strengthen the cardiovascular muscles and improves your stamina.


Reduce the state of respiratory muscle weakness and improve ventilation efficiency. Improve lung function and blood oxygen. Keep improving.



1. Unpack: Insert the nozzle upper part.

2. Adjust your resistance: Choose a proper size of steel ball for resistance level.

3. Preparation: Sit upright and relax. Hold the breathing trainer, seal the mouthpiece well.

4. Exhale: Exhale slowly and make it as long as possible to loosen the mucus by using the device and shout to clear the mucus after exhaling. Your chest should be vibrating.

5. Repeat:Repeat. Avoid rapid and vigorous breathing during use.

6. Cleaning: Use detergent or water to clean up the device. DO NOT boil it or use aggressive liquids.


RMT device

Nose clip


Travel case

Frequently asked questions:

We recommend to use it 2-3 times a day, and 10 breathing sessions each time. Consider consult a physician before your training course due to your current condition.

Please clean with mild soap and water or sterilized with alcohol. Dry after cleaning.

Yes for sure. Panic attack and anxiety often comes with chest tight or breathing issue. Improve your lung capacity will decrease stress and anxiety symptoms.

Yes! For the United States it typically takes 2-5 days (and a little longer for Canada).

For the Rest of World it can take 10-15 days depending on location.

Your will get your tracking number both on our website and your paypal account within 2 business days.

Sure we do. We offer a 1 year warranty on our device. contact for detail:

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