Asthma management post COVID: What are the challenge and opportunities?

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the healthcare landscape and presented new challenges for individuals and healthcare providers. As we enter the post-COVID era, it is essential to examine asthma patients’ unique difficulties and identify opportunities for improved healthcare. With a number of over 25 million Americans facing Asthma conditions, reliance on a better management plan are thriving fast.

Know the challenge

The overwhelming pandemic has led to heightened anxiety levels for many people, especially Asthma and COPD patients, also making people harder to get healthcare services. Disruptions to healthcare services may have caused delays in asthma care, including routine check-ups and access to necessary medications.

Moreover, individuals who have recovered from COVID may continue to experience respiratory symptoms, such as coughing, shortness of breath, and lung inflammation. These symptoms can worsen significantly for Asthma patients, making it more difficult for patients and doctors to manage the condition effectively.

Although telehealth has been widely adopted during the pandemic, it may still challenge asthma patients. Asthma management and monitoring is a long-term, painful process that requires heavy involvement for patients and healthcare providers.

What’s the opportunity?

Among the many forms of telehealth, remote monitoring using medical equipment is the most effective way. An intelligent management platform and a device like Nascool can simplify it. Let healthcare providers adjust treatment plans as needed and support their conditions.

A better peak flow meter: peak flow meter measures the peak expiratory flow (PEF) rate, which indicates how fast a person can exhale air from their lungs. Asthma patients can use this device to monitor their lung function regularly, therefore, identify any changes in their condition. When integrated with a smartphone or management platform, Nascool can do more.

Smartphone APP and web platform: Nascool Asthma management platform can record and store PEF readings, medication usage, and other relevant information to form an Asthma diary. These data can be used to track the user’s asthma symptoms and management over time, helping them identify patterns and triggers.

Educational resources: A better platform can also provide users access to reliable asthma-related information, helping them better understand their condition and its management.

Embrace telehealth for better management

COVID changed a lot for Asthma patients, and healthcare providers need to step up fast to address the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Nascool peak flow meter and asthma management platform are powerful tools for patients with asthma to monitor their symptoms and manage their condition more effectively. Embrace telehealth with Nascool, and help patients take control of their asthma and improve their health outcomes.

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