Relief your nasal congestion with an irrigator

When inflammation swells and blocks your sinus, Bacteria and virus can easily invade, leading to a serious sinus infection. Mostly causes all kind of nasal problem like: stuffy nose, hard to breath, swelling, runny nose, nasal congestion…

Avoiding virus, dust and your allergy triggers is the key to breath easily. Use saline solution to rinse it out of your nasal passages. The saltwater can also restore moisture and reduce inflammation. Overall, nasal irrigation can benefit people who have sinus problems or flu symptoms. With proper equipment, you are able to use it everyday to reduce your symptoms, without casing ear infection or even worse trouble.

How to choose your best irrigation system?

Electrical nasal irrigator is pretty handy, but sometimes it can be tricky to pick your best irrigation system. With improper use, it can even damage your nasal passages and causes further trouble. Most electrical nasal irrigator rinse with high pressure water flow (up to 100kPa), which is extremely dangerous if you have infection or inflammation. Water flow with high pressure can easily bleed your nasal mucosa.

We have a better solution for you.

Why Powered Suction?

Our drug-free solution is to moisturize your turbinates by cleaning your nasal cavity with saline solution. Nascool Nasal Irrigator pulls saline into nose with gentle Powered Suction. Our irrigation system is able to keep the pressure under 7kPa, equivalent to the pressure when swimming, making it extremely safe. Meanwhile the pressure of a regular nasal irrigator can be 10 times worse, thus damaging your nose with  bleeding and infection.

Nascool Powered Suction Nasal Irrigator is an all-natural and safe way to rinse and moisturize.

Easy To Operate and Clean

Make your own saline solution with our salt pack. Fill the device and you are ready to go! Separate water chambers for collecting clean saline and waste saline, and both sections can be disassembled from the main body to clean.


We provide 50 packs of rinse salt. Get your supply with a reasonable price, no additional fee. Check our product page below for further detail.

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Our Story

With the uprising breathing issue in all ages, we decided to create a Chronic Breathing Disease Management Platform back in 2014. It was designed to help predict acute Asthma attacks and control disease. It managed to make Asthma treatment way more easier than before, not only for patients but also for docs and hospitals. After several years of developing, we established our own brand “NASCOOL” for our respiratory and nasal care products.

NASCOOL was born to be a general solution for all kinds of breathing problems. We found that most Asthma patients also have sinus issues like rhinitis, sinusitis. Thus our first nasal irrigator was born out of the idea. It is designed to remove the symptoms of chronic/acute rhinitis and reduce the inflammation caused by allergies, dust, pollen. Secure your airways is our major duty. Breathe Clean and Breathe Free with NASCOOL’s innovative technology.

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