Get Remote Patient Monitoring Done

Enable monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinic settings.

Significantly Simplify the medical care process and save medical care costs.


Peak Flow Meter

Your lung condition monitor

Fast & Accurate

Better Diagnosis

Medical Support

Flexible System

Nascool Peak Flow Meter

A Better Diagnosis and Monitoring Device with pressure differential sensors. We make PEF/FEV1 readings more accurate for Asthmatics and COPD sufferers getting their conditions well monitored and fully controlled. On the other hand, getting medication guidance on time from doctors outside the hospitals is also efficient and favorable.

Wireless connection supported. Bluetooth and 4G coverage are available for every desirable application scenario.

Application: For hospitals, and companies striving to decrease insurance cost, better devices and management means better efficiency and lower price.

They are designed to decrease insurance costs and healthcare costs.

Remote Management Platform

SDK provided for customization. With our Asthma and COPD management platform experiences, we are able to get flexible solutions for your projects.

Create a patient and doctor-friendly management platform for your needs.

Basic Version

Suitable for most situations.

Advanced Version

With memories and rechargeable battery.

Other Products That May Help...

Our mucus removal device can be helpful to clean out mucus, while respiratory muscle trainer can be used to improve lung function.

According to several researches, many Asthma patient reported nasal issue such as blocked nose, rhinitis…

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Powered Suction Nasal Irrigator

Use powered suction to get rid of annoying runny noses or blocked nose. This may also benifit Asthma and COPD patients.

Mucus Removal Device

Remove mucus in your airways using OPEP therapy, help patients breath better. It can also be used to improve lung capacity .

Respiratory Muscle Trainer

Train for better lung condition with pinpoint accurate manometer. 5 different resistance level + test level included.

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