Recently, our Nascool Nasal Rinsing System has been sold more than ever internationally, mainly to European customers. Subsequently, many customers have asked their questions. Regarding make solution for nose rinsing and how to clean , we will answer them in this article. If this article does not solve your problem, please email us. Thanks.

How To Make Solutions For Nose Rinsing?

Use packed salt packets and cup

Fill the cup with lukewarm boiled water and salet packets and shake


  • Mix one nasal saline packet with 200ml (about 7 ounces) of water for an isotonic saline solution (0.9% w/v).
  • Two packets with 200ml of water create a hypertonic solution.
  • Use boiled water and wait for it to cool down till OK in the green area shows (lukewarm, about 37 degrees Celsius, 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit)

How To Clean Our Nasal Rinsing Systems?

For two water chambers/tanks, nozzles, and nozzle bases:

Step 1: Rinse with tap water first; it would be better if the tap comes out with hot water.

Step 2: Immerse only the nozzles and nozzle bases into half water and half vinegar solution for 5 minutes and rins under the tap again.

Step 3: air dry.

Flush chambers, nozzles and nozzle bases
Flush chambers, nozzles and nozzle bases



For white main body:

Wipe the white main body with a cloth dampened with liquid soap.

Note: the white main body is with batteries, please don’t flush it directly or immerse it in water or other liquid.


Wipe with alcohol cloth or towel with alcohol



To disinfect your  Nasal Rinsing System:

Although Our Nasal Rinsing System is for personal use only. Some users turn to disinfecting the whole system regularly.

Rinse the two water tanks, nozzles, and nozzles base with clean water, and then wipe them with a cotton cloth dipped in 70-75% alcohol.

Note: Batteries power the main body, please don’t flush it directly or immerse it in water or other liquid.

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