What Distinguishes Our Choking Rescue Device from Others

There are a variety of anti-choking devices on the market, all of which function similarly in that they provide suction to clear airway obstructions. However, the operator must apply pressure to these devices by pressing and pulling on the handle, and if the operator is in poor physical condition, they may not be able to provide enough pressure to suction out the foreign body. The advantages of this choking rescue device are as follows:

  • The operator must only place it correctly and press the trigger button.
  • The Choking Rescue Device provides safe, steady, strong pressure to aid choking rescue.
  • Immediately or prompt help. If the Heimlich Maneuver fails and the care center is far away, consider alternative methods of managing choking emergencies before an ambulance is called.
  • Both for children and adults
  • Both for self-rescuing and family rescuing

One button triggering Choking Rescue Device

We prepared an anti-triggering ring for the device in case of sudden triggering during transportation. After moving the triggering ring, you only need to press the orange button to start rescuing.

One button triggering


Suitable for both children and adults

Our Choking Rescue Device is an automatic choking rescue device that people can use for both kids and adults. It comes with three different mask sizes and is portable, making it easy to use in emergencies.

We have already started to give lectures in kindergartens to teach kids how to use it so they can prepare for choking emergencies.

Designed Suction Power 

The device is designed to provide consistent suction of about 33KPa to relieve choking and ensure optimal results. It also has a preloading feature that makes the rescue quicker and more accessible, saving valuable time in emergencies.



One of the critical features of the Sonmol Choking Rescue Device is its safety. It dramatically reduces the damage caused by mask pressure to the face and neck, eliminating the risk of secondary damage caused by the blockage going deeper.

Patented Anti-Choking Device

We applied for patents for the UK, EU, US, JAPAN, CHINA, and ongoing requests for other countries.



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