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With the uprising breathing issue in all ages, we decided to create a Chronic Breathing Disease Management Platform back in 2014. It was designed to help predict acute Asthma attacks and control disease. It managed to make Asthma treatment way more easier than before, not only for patients but also for docs and hospital. 



After several year of developing, we established our own brand “NASCOOL” for our respiratory and nasal care products.

We concerned about every single breath of you. Better breath leads to a better lifestyle.
Luffy LYU
CEO of Nascool

Breath Clean with Nascool

NASCOOL was born to be a general solution for all kinds of breathing problems. We found that most Asthma patients also have sinus issue like rhinitis, sinusitis. Thus our first nasal irrigator was born out of the idea. It is designed to remove the symptoms of chronic/acute rhinitis and reducing the inflammation causing by allergies, dust, pollen. Secure your airways in our major duty. Breath Clean and Breath Free with NASCOOL’s innovative technology.

Why Choose Nascool

Free Delivery

Free delivery to US and most EU area.

Check our product page for detail.

Return/refund Policy

Nascool products come with a 30 day warranty from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated in the product listing.

Tech/medical Support

Our customer service is always available to solve your problem including technical and medical issue. Feel free to call us!

Our Product Line

Nasal Irrigator
Cleanse patients' noses, wounds, or any other surgical parts of the body by pulls a saline solution
Monitor your Lung Health with peak flow meter, or improve your lung capacity with a breath trainer

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